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Meanwhile, Gullikson earned a PhD at UCSD and completed a postdoc at Bell Labs before joining Berkeley Lab in 1987. Here, along with Jim Underwood and a talented engineering team, he built Beamline 6.3.2. 35 eV based on the data in the CXRO database (30). This background is subtracted across all energies to obtain the ex-perimental M 2,3-edge spectrum shown in Fig. 2B. The M 2,3-edge absorption spectrum is simulated using atomic multiplet theory, as the L-andM-edge spectra of transition metals are known to be dominated by loc alized atomic Measurement of x-ray transmission through an aluminum foil target. Each circle represents the data from a single shot. The red line is the known transmission value of cold Al from the CXRO database.

Cxro database

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The reflectivity of the 25 nm Ir layer is modelled with tabulated data from CXRO database (angle, wavelength) assuming a roughness of 1.3 nm rms (Fig. 5, left). The 70 nm aluminium film in front of the MPO plays a role in the effective area, so its transmission as to be taken into account (fig. 5, right, CXRO database). The dashed line shows the cold Al transmission values from the CXRO database [30, 31]. The arrows indicate approximate K-edge energies of Al ions of increasing charge states, denoted by Roman numerals. Reuse & Permissions 2017-10-01 · For comparison, bulk values of delta (δ) and beta (β) from the CXRO database are given in bracket.

The https:// ensures that you are The four types of database access include tables, forms, reports and queries. Each type of access allows the user to view the data in a different format.

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5, left). The 70 nm aluminium film in front of the MPO plays a role in the effective area, so its transmission as to be taken into account (fig. 5, right, CXRO database).

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Cxro database

The following attributes are added to each element: Xray.sftable () Three column table of energy vs. scattering factors f1, f2. Xray.scattering_factors () Returns f1, f2, the X-ray scattering factors for the given wavelengths interpolated from sftable.

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Reuse & Permissions. Figure 2. Simulated effective attenuation length as a function of fluence at a range of central photon energies.

Therefore, according to the linear absorption coefficients of Al listed in 3, T for Sr Kα and Pd Kα in this experimental set-up … Access the atomic scattering factor files. Look up x-ray properties of the elements. The index of refraction for a compound material. The x-ray attenuation length of a solid.
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Also plotted are the theoretical predictions based on Ref. assuming either cold ions or an equilibrated system, the IB-based theory of Iglesias , and the cold absorption from the CXRO database . Reuse & Permissions