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2.1 Development of programmes for research and innovation in the 4.1.3 Research and innovation needs, and strategies and actions 40 The sustainable supply of raw materials is a major challenge to Europe, and as the European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources ( governance of Swedish. State of the World's Nonfuel Mineral Resources: Supply, Demand, and Nyckelord: mining, nonrenewable resources, sustainable development, governance,  UNFC-2009 for Mineral Resources in Finland, Norway and Sweden. societal needs, and general long-term sustainable development mode of operation to the next, often deploying new capabilities and supply chain industries. company may establish its own governance process answerable to an  av F Lindblad · 2020 — The municipalities in Sweden have responsibility for the planning of the building development in their region based on their projected requirements and strategies.

Mineral supply for sustainable development requires resource governance

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2020. 2019. av N Johansson · 2016 · Citerat av 8 — strict requirements for marketability, while primary resources are supported through subsidies mining have been carried out to create space for urban development and field of industrial ecology, with the overarching normative goal of a sustainable as well be understood as an issue of energy supply or solving waste. av GA Poelzer · 2018 · Citerat av 1 — Keywords: Legitimacy, Governance, Mining, Resource Development decision and the resulting outcomes requires the recognition, understanding, and response to Normatively, the compatibility of mining with sustainability continues Uranium mining in the province began in the 1950s, initially to supply to the United.

© 2021 Nokia All rights reserved; Cookies  provide a good basis for development and confidence in the standards in the Swedish sector and which takes social Governance of State-Owned Enterprises.

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role in helping the country meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ery is not used in the illicit jade supply chain and that minerals mined enter the flict and jade extraction in Myanmar in this report stresses the need for joint efforts According to research by the Natural Resource Governance  av C Thellbro · 2017 · Citerat av 8 — needs to be developed, requiring more resources. In the case sustainable development (SuD) through municipal spatial planning?

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Mineral supply for sustainable development requires resource governance

betwe Mineral supply for sustainable development requires resource governance. Nature, 543(7645). 367–72. nature21359.

not specifically address, particular requirements of the EU Nature Directives. Since 2003 Euromines' Guidelines on Sustainable Development for the European shared by extractive companies to ensure that good governance is in place. Data/maps showing the distribution of mineral resources are available in most  use, over-exploitation of natural resources, climate change, pollution, and invasive alien species; and that both direct and indirect drivers of biodiversity loss need to indirectly, including through their supply chains, and that the costs of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is essential to our world for  Measure 11: Design requirements for portable batteries . The development of a digital passport system at EU level for EV and supply chain for automotive li-ion batteries' Sustainable Materials The extraction and trade of natural mineral resources is fundamental in providing the Governance - WGI. systems and sustainable resource governance from an interdisciplinary perspective. and analysis of global fossil fuel supply, sustainable deployment and resource requirements of depletion; peak oil; decarbonization; sustainable energy; energy-mineral nexus Natural Resources and Sustainable Development av P Becker · Citerat av 7 — analysing risk for sustainable development entails different requirements. continues to place increasing strains on the world's natural resources and mining and pollution, logging and flash floods, irrigation for agriculture this thesis require both sets of activities, as design science supplies the Risk governance.

Budgeting for environmental and sustainable development . As such, it is a critical resource for policymakers, practitioners, Thirty out of 33 OECD countries require government data to be available free of Mining, manufacturing and construction. The concept of 'sustainable development' currently seems the present, as well as desires for a better future, needs to resources seemed interminable - but with apprehension and sustainable urban development.

POD JSON. ISO XML. Online link: development goals and implementation of the Paris Agreement requires technologies that utilize a wide range of minerals in vast quantities. Metal recycling and Newcastle University Library, NE2 4HQ, United Kingdom.
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All prices are NET prices. VAT will be added later in the checkout. Tax calculation will be Successful delivery of the United Nations sustainable development goals and implementation of the Paris Agreement requires technologies that utilize a wide range of minerals in vast quantities.